Can Baggage Masters pack for me or do I have to do my own packing?

Most clients shipping baggage and non-breakable items pack their own shipments to minimise cost. We can pack all sizes of shipment, but minimum charges for packing do apply. However, if you have a large amount of furniture or fragile items we recommend that we pack for you. Packing charges vary depending on the job’s size, complexity and location.

Can I bring my goods into a Baggage Masters office personally?

Our office accepts all personal deliveries. However, if the shipment is large or complicated, please advise us in advance so that we can make the necessary arrangements to handle your items.

Can I seal the cartons?

Cartons should be sealed by owners prior to being dispatched. However, they may be re-opened at the discretion of Baggage Masters for security purposes only. All shipments sent by air are subject to security checks and/or x-ray examination, which may also involve a search.

How long will my baggage take to reach its destination?

While transit times vary, intercontinental sea shipments generally take between 6-10 weeks. Air freight shipments take 10 days depending on the destination and the level of service chosen.

Please note that transit times are an estimate only and cannot be guaranteed.

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What information can you give me on how my shipment is progressing in transit?

We operate with the latest computerised tracking systems. Our system provides full details on the status of all shipments in transit and incorporates the most up-to-date information for your convenience and peace of mind.

Do Baggage Masters offer student discounts?

Baggage Masters offers quality service at competitive rates that are tailored to meet the needs of the student community. We also work in close communication with all the universities in Adelaide.

Will Baggage Masters match a quote that I have received from another company?

Where possible, we will endeavour to match prices, providing that the competitor is IATA compliant. Non-compliant operators may provide cheaper rates but cannot offer the peace of mind you receive when using a reputable shipping service. Using an IATA compliant company is only sensible option, after all you wouldn't buy an airline ticket from a non-bonded travel agent.

Why are airfreight charges sometimes based on volume and not weight?

It is an international air cargo convention to charge for weight or volume, whichever is greater, according to the following formula:

length * height * width(cm) = m3 * 167

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This formula converts volume to weight and ensures that air carriers receive reasonable revenue for light items. A bag of feathers would take up a great deal of space in a cargo hold but because of their lightweight, the airline would earn little revenue from their carriage if charges were calculated on weight alone. While their large size would also prevent the airline from transporting more items.

To give an example, a tea carton with dimensions of 41 * 51 * 61cm, weighing 5 kilos would be calculated as 
0.41 * 0.51 * 0.61m = 0.127 m3 * 167 = 21kg volumetric weight.

This means that the above items would be charged for the actual weight if greater than 21 kg, while 21 kg remains the minimum charge.

Please keep in mind that this is an International Shipping Standard. Even if your chosen shipping company does not tell you about this charge, they will still rate your shipment on this basis. If you require any extra information or that this concept be explained further, please contact us and we’ll gladly assist you.

How can I pay?

It is usually easiest to pay by credit card. We accept Visa and MasterCard. We also accept cash payments at our offices. Alternatively, EFT or cheque are accepted. However, payments by cheque require clearance, which may delay your shipment. For this reason cheque payments are not recommended for airfreight.

Will there be extra costs at the destination?

If you send your baggage to port or airport only, then you will be responsible for local unloading, dock/port or airport charges. These vary according to the destination. Further information is available in the Customs section of this website, or you can contact us direct.

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What duty or tax will I pay, if any?

Duty charges vary widely according to origin and destination. However, in many cases goods owned and used for at least 12 months do not incur any charges. Please bear in mind that we have no control over the actions of Customs Services anywhere in the world. It is your responsibility to ensure that you abide by the rules and regulations of the country of origin and destination of your baggage.

How will I be contacted at destination?

For ocean freight shipments you will normally be contacted prior to arrival by our chosen agents. Our foreign agents can also arrange customs clearance and local delivery if it is not already set up with us at the time of shipment. They can also provide storage facilities if required, at reasonable cost. For air shipments our agents, or in some cases the airline carrier (what’s wrong with spelling?) will notify you on arrival, by telephone where possible. It is therefore essential that we receive either a telephone, fax or email number so that they can contact you as soon as possible. Storage charges are levied by airlines and air freight agents on uncollected shipments. These can be expensive compared to storage charges levied on uncollected ocean freight consignments.

Can Baggage Masters store goods?

We provide up to 1 months free storage in Adelaide.

Do Baggage Masters offer after-hours collection and delivery services?

We operate between the hours of 9-4.30 pm, Monday-Friday. Out of hours collections are often possible depending on your location. Please contact us on the mobile service outside office hours (Mob: 0414 335152).

Which Trade Associations are Baggage Masters affiliated with?

We are members of the Customs Brokers Forwarders Council Australia (CBFCA), as well as being an International Air Transport Association Cargo Agent (IATA).

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Track & trace tool

You will be taken to the track-trace website in a new window.

Once there, enter your airway bill number that has been issued to you to track and trace your shipment.



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